Format of presentation

Oral Presentation
The language use must be in English, with a total of 15 minutes allocated to each oral presentation, including a 5 minute discussion.

Poster Presentation
The authors are required to install / setup their posters one day before their scheduled presentation, as specified in the conference program. The authors are expected to be at the exhibition during all the assigned sessions–especially during the opening ceremony.

Poster Guideline

Poster preparation

Poster Layout
All manuscript must be printed in English on a poster size of 90 x 120 cm (width x height). The Title, use bold, Times New Roman, font size 100 pt., and the text font is at least 32 pt.. The poster must include the illustration. The author presented in poster format need to take responsibility of his own costs and bring the poster to the conference venue himself.

Poster Format
It must include Title, Author and Co-authors, Institution, Significance of the study, Research Objectives, Methodology, Result Findings, Discussion and Conclusion and References.

Poster Presentations/ Installations:
will be performed throughout the conference, from June 20th – 22nd, 2020. The presenter can install and store poster by him / herself.

Manuscript preparation guidelines

1. PAPER LENGTH The length of paper may be up to 6-10 pages for oral presentation and poster presentation.
2. FONT Time New Roman
  • 14 point font size with bold should be written for Article Title
  • 12 point font size with bold should be written for Sub-Topic
  • 12 point font size normal should be written for Content
  • Top margin 1.0 inch
  • Bottom margin 1.0 inch
  • Left margin 1.0 inch
  • Right margin 1.0 inch

Cover page (should not be exceeded 1 page of A4) consists of;

  • Article title should be in the middle of a page. It should be concise and comprehensive. The length of the title should not be more than 2 lines.
  • Author’s name must be aligned on the right side under the article title and there is no need to put name title on it. The first letter should be written with uppercase letter followed by lowercase letter such as Nichanan Dongcharoen etc. In case of the article with more than one author and different organization it should be marked by power of 10 point font size at the end of surnames and the asterisk should be put after surnames of those who will present their articles.
  • Organization’s name or author’s university should be specified on the right side in the next line. Powers should be marked in front of organization as the order of authors In case of the article with more than one author and different organization. (In case the authors come from the same institute there is no need to write power on it)
  • An abstract must not exceed two A4 pages, and single-spaced.
  • It should include sufficient information for reviewers to judge the nature and significance of the research, basically covering objectives, research methods, result, discussion, and conclusion.
7. KEYWORDShould be specified only 3-5 words
8. CORRESPONDING AUTHOR Should be specified just only one person identifying name, surname, faculty, university, country, and email under the keyword.
  • Preface
  • Research Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Results
  • Conclusion and Discussion
  • Suggestion
10. FIGURES Figure caption “Figure (no.)” should be placed under the figure and centered with name and source of the figure. Figure extension should be jpg and resolution should not be less than 300 X 300 dpi.
11. TABLES INSERTION Table heading “Table (no.)” should be placed above the table and on the left aligned of the table followed by an explanation of important context in the table.
12. CHART INSERTION Chart caption “Chart (no.)” should be placed with an explanation of important context in the chart.
  • List references at the end of the paper, in order of citation in the format of APA (American Psychological Association).
  • All references listed must be cited and all cited references must be included in the reference list.
  • References are written in 12 pt.